This is a calendar of current events and includes national conferences, workshops, and institutes of interest to learning support professionals. If you know of an event that is not on the calendar but should be, please send the needed event information to (Date & Location, Organization &/or Sponsoring Agency, Event Title &/or Theme, and be sure to include the event web page link).

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– 2017 –

September 27-30, 2017 <> San Antonio, TX
 – National College Learning Center Association.
“Remember the Student! Making a Stand for Student Success”

October 2-8, 2017 <> Celebration at your own institution
Annual event to recognize and support the work tutors at your institution provide. Send notes, pics, or a presentation to have them posted on LSCHE’s website.
(aka Tutor Appreciation Week and/or National Tutor Week)
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October 25-29, 2017 <> Montreal, CA
POD Network
 – Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education.
2017 POD Network Conference

November 1-4, 2017 <> Pittsburg, PA
College Reading and Learning Association
50th Annual Conference


– 2018 –

March 18-21 <> Tucson, AZ
Association for the Tutoring Profession
14th Annual Conference

April 26-28, San Diego, CA
ACTLA – Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance

May 24-26 <> Seattle, WA
The International Center for Supplemental Instruction
10th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction
Sustaining Safe Harbors: Community, Inclusivity, Accessibility

October 2-5, 2018 <> Niagara Falls, NY
 – National College Learning Center Association.
33rd Annual Conference

October 24-27 <> Albuquerque, NM
College Reading and Learning Association
51st Annual Conference

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