APPENDIX G (217-222)

Background of Experts Participating in Study


Boylan, Hunter
Director, National Center for Developmental Education
Appalachian State University, NC

Background: 10 years experience as tutor coordinator; 13 years experience researching and teaching in the area of developmental education; conducted specialized research in learning styles; provides summer Kellogg Institute for developmental educators nationwide, each summer; conducted dozens of tutor training workshops on college campuses; holds degree in counseling psychology; have worked as a counselor for college students


Carpenter, Kathy
Director of Tutoring Program
University of Nebraska at Kearney, NE

Background: Ph.D. in post-secondary education, one of research activities involved writing a tutor training handbook; 18 years as director of tutoring programs, responsible for selection, training, supervising, and evaluating 40 content area tutors; charter member of CRLA Tutor Certification Committee; presented six workshops on tutoring at regional and national conferences; wrote three published articles on tutoring for journals; national consultant for tutoring programs


Christ, Frank
Retired Director, Learning Assistance Center-Cal. State, Long Beach
Coordinator, Winter Institute for Learning Assistance Professional, AZ
(formerly Summer Institute for Learning Assistance Professional, CA)
Noted author and mentor

Background: Founder and director for 19 years of the Learning Assistance Center, California Sate-Long Beach; trained approximately 100 tutors in study skills per semester; provided mentoring for learning assistance colleagues from across the nation; founder and author for Tech Talk column in Journal of Developmental Education for four years


Fendley, Clara
Writing Center Coordinator & English Faculty
Scottsdale Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Eight years experience working in Writing Centers at three post secondary institutions, with experiences ranging from tutor to supervisor. graduate level coursework in Learning Disabilities and independent research in learning styles, learning disabilities, and writing across the curriculum


Field, Betty
Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction, MCCD, AZ
Mathematics instructor

Background: Coordinator of a TICCIT program (Computer-based instruction course alternative), supervising tutors and proctors (7 years); staff development coordinator at GCC (3 years); former LAC faculty liaison (3 years), providing coordination of efforts between tutors, LAC, and faculty in her division; active involvement in district and campus issues in developmental education for many years; involved in providing individualized instruction options for students, is providing district, state, and national leadership in the current mathematics reform efforts


Gerkin, David
Interim Director, Learning Assistance Center
Learning Technician, Learning Assistance Center
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Share responsibility for hiring, supervising, training, and evaluating 40-50 content area tutors (5 years); monitors tutoring groups, has helped revise and team teach tutor training course (5 years)


Gier, Tom
President, College Reading and Learning Association
Former coordinator of International Tutor Certification Program Committee
University Of Alaska-Anchorage

Background: Established at the University of Alaska-Anchorage: the English Department Tutoring Program and the Learning Resources Center Tutor Program; established and coordinated the CRLA International Tutor Certification Program (7 years); regular columnist for CRLA national Newsletter “Let’s Talk Tutoring”; Co-Author, Helping Others Learn: A Guide to Peer Tutoring


Hancock, Karan
Coordinator of International Tutor Certification Program Committee
Affiliate professor, English department
University Of Alaska-Anchorage

Background: Co-Author, 1)Helping Others Learn: A Guide to Peer Tutoring, 2) Coping with College, & 3)A Student’s Guide to College Success; Facilitator of over 100 workshops and staff training presentation/sessions regarding: tutor training, counseling methods/techniques, motivational teaching/counseling, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, values clarification, assertiveness training, etc.; consultant to Alaska Fire Training Center and five rural school districts, regarding counseling, peer counseling, and peer tutoring


Hartman, Hope
Director, City of New York Tutoring & Training Cooperative Program
Associate Professor in School of Education
City College of CUNY

Background: extensive experience in training tutors in: reading, writing, ESL, biology, chemistry, physics, history, foreign languages, and psychology; conducted large scale, college-wide evaluations of tutoring programs; have supervised tutors and trained staff; have provided Supplemental Instruction in courses such as biology, math, and humanities; have established tutoring programs in public elementary and junior high schools and have established cooperative learning programs in middle and high schools; author, intelligent Tutoring, a handbook for training college tutors.


Kerstiens, Gene
Adult Learning Specialist
Andragogy Associates, CA

Background: Mentor and Advisory Board Member of Winter Institute for Learning Assistance Professionals; former Director of Tutoring Programs, El Camino College, CA (10 years) & Scottsdale Community College, MCCD, AZ (4 years); former Editor of RIDE–Review of Research In Developmental Education; Co-founder, Association for California College Tutorial and Learning Assistance; associate editor, About Tutoring (2 years); member California Tutoring project; developed “Tutoring satisfaction survey,” adopted as model in Maxwell’s tutoring manual


Kubasch, Cheryl
Executive Assistant in charge of Employee Development &
Total Quality Management training and development
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: B.A. in Human Resources; M.A. in Counseling; develop and implement all employee training for entire campus including an orientation for new employees which all tutors are required to attend; provide training seminars in active listening, goal setting, communication, conflict resolution, and stress management; teach the AAA150 Success Orientation course that includes study and coping skills


Lara, Ernie
Former L.A.C. Director, Glendale Community College, MCCD, AZ
Estrella Mountain Community College Center, MCCD, AZ

Background: Supervised and trained tutors for six years, GCC; provided training in study skills, goal setting, and cognitive style mapping for 14 years; have counseling training in active listening, paraphrasing, and problem-solving experience over 19 years (at high school, community college, and university); staff development coordinator for three years; have provided referrals for students in role of counselor and advisor for 19 years; consultant to Ohio State University for tutor training manuals; Ph.D. in Higher and Adult Education


Maxwell, Martha
Founder of Learning Services at Berkley, the American University,
and the University of Maryland, Retired.
Retired Director of Learning Center, MD
Noted author and Mentor

Background: Developed and supervised tutor training program; conducted research on tutoring and impact on students; author of several books describing tutoring programs; edited two books on tutor stories; conducted contest for writing tutors


McGrath, Jane
Reading/English faculty (23 years)
Former Director of Learning Assistance Center, SMCC
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Faculty/staff development coordinator at four colleges over a 15 year period (SCC, SMCC, RSCC, PVCC); trained, supervised, and evaluated tutors at SMCC; served as faculty liaison coordinator, one semester (PVCC); Faculty Liaison between Communication/Humanities Division and the LAC (PVCC); LAC Faculty Liaison Coordinator, one semester(PVCC); revised and team taught tutor training course, one semester (PVCC)


Mosher, Donna
Counselor & L.A.C. Counseling Faculty Liaison
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Helped develop communication portion of tutor training course, worked with tutors to provide study groups and workshops open for all students but focused for adult re-entry students, LAC faculty liaison, providing coordination of efforts between tutors, LAC, and faculty in her division


Olsen, Marie
Lead Teacher/Tutoring Coordinator
Maricopa Skills Center, MCCD, AZ

Background: Active in adult education field for 25 years; responsible for supervision and staff development of tutors, aides, and other instructors; has direct contact with students as both an instructor and a tutor.


Rings, Sally
Reading/English Faculty
L.A.C. Faculty Liaison Coordinator
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Co-developed CRLA Certified tutor training course, team taught tutor training (8 years) incorporating all six areas of study in training; responsible for coordinating faculty liaison activities involving tutors


Rolinger, Jack
Director, Learning Center/Special Services
Phoenix College, MCCD, AZ

Background: Provides tutor training, tutor supervision, tutor evaluation, and staff training; directs an “At-risk” student program which involves a heavy tutoring component; been involved in community college educational administration for 24 years


Sheets, Rick
Director, Learning Assistance Center
Paradise Valley Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: More than 10 years experience in learning assistance and tutor training; co-developed CRLA Certified tutor training course at all three levels of certification, team taught tutor training (8 years) incorporating all six areas of study in training; supervised an average of 50 tutors per semester; active involvement in district and campus issues in developmental education and learning assistance


Stern, Craig
Program Coordinator
Northern Arizona University, AZ

Background: Seven years experience in learning assistance and staff development in training tutors and computer lab assistants in areas of study skills, reading skills, composition skills, and critical thinking; BA in Comparative Literature, MA in Education, and ABD in Educational Leadership


Zeka, Yvonne
Director, Learning Center
GateWay Community College, MCCD, AZ

Background: More than 18 years experience providing academic support service to community college students and faculty. Curriculum developer and trainer for Computer Based Learning for the state of Iowa for 4 yrs; holds a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Higher Education

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